"Vehicle Disposal"

In Victoria we have very strict laws in regards to the sale of second hand registered Motor Vehicles. If you are not a licensed Motor Car Trader the only way to dispose of a registered vehicle is to provide a current Roadworthy Certificate to Vic Roads or hand the number plates back into a  Vic Roads office and sell your vehicle with the registration suspended.

To Obtain a Roadworthy Certificate your vehicle must pass a comprehensive check at a licensed workshop.

But We Can Make It Easy For You!!

Because we are fully licensed Motor Car Traders LMCT9519 we are able to assist you in disposing of your unwanted vehicle without the hassle of advertising or the need to supply a Vic Roads roadworthy certificate.

  Disposal Can Be Easily Achieved Through...

  • Dealer Trade in.
  • Wholesale direct to the trade.
  • Offer Vehicle through Public Auction.
  • Private Sale.